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tv   11 News at 11  NBC  May 16, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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county couple toured a 15-year- old girl to their home to satisfy their sexual appetite. >> the couple is facing federal charges for keeping the teenager as a sex slave and posting -- posting pictures of their activities. >> even though the girl ran away from home, officials say she still kept in touch with our mother online. she sent her mother a pornographic image of one of her sexual encounters. according to the federal indictment, the couple lot -- matt the teenager online and lord per back to their home. -- lured her back to their home. john blaze and margaret jones have been charged with sex offenses and other related charges. the girl was forced to call them master and ms.
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>> of they do treat these children the best they can, so the children remain be holden and ingratiated to the process. at some point, they feel like they are complacent with that. >> the couple even took the girl to tennessee to see her mom. the mother, reported the information to police. meanwhile, the child ran off with the couple without her mother, initially knowing. a child psychologist says she lacked the development to know better. >> adolescents cannot make decisions for themselves without the para's approval and consent. quite the baltimore job abuse center says it is important for parents to constantly monitor their children. >> when they run away, their risk of becoming involved in a sexually explicit situation increases dramatically.
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>> the trial for the two suspects as scheduled for sometime next month. >> a city police sgt is facing criminal charges for allegedly lying to get a bonus warrant to raid an east baltimore home. he has been charged with perjury and misconduct. he is accused of lying to a judge to get a warrant and then conducted a pre-dawn swat team raid on the home. at happen a few days after christmas. johnson said police rifle to the house looking for drugs and guns, and then destroyed christmas gifts before leaving. >> they went back to my room and trust in my room. it had unwrapped presidents -- presence in its. they went outside and got a sledgehammer and brought it back in. you could hear all the knocking. >> they used a sledgehammer? >> yes.
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they used a sledgehammer. >> two people were arrested during the raid. charges have been dropped. the sergeant was suspended at the end of march. less than 24 hours after two men were shot in southwest baltimore police say they found another man 3 miles away. in this latest case, investigators say the man was shot several times and later died from his injuries. police say it is too early to link this crime to last night's shooting. we are told those victims are being treated at an area hospital. one is in critical condition, the other in serious condition >> family members of a 13-year- old girl killed in east baltimore say the punishment for the juvenile who killed her and dragged her body through an alley is not in ours. her body was found last march. her friends or sentenced to juvenile court late this afternoon.
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>> the judge reportedly called the juvenile good people who did an unfortunate thing before he agreed to the prosecutor's sentencing recommendation. family members call the punishment and in justice. >> every time i think about what they did, i cannot help but cry. it hurts so bad. >> her grandmother sat outside juvenile court, devastated and angry. "they pulled that child to the alley like that. it hurts. we have to live with this and what they have done to her. it is wrong. it is evil. >> the boys admitted to actively shooting the 13-year-old girl in a hiding her body in an east baltimore alley. the older boy, who admitted to
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firing the shot, will be placed in a treatment facility. the younger boy will be court monitor while living with a relative. both sentences are for an indefinite time with a maximum of three years. >> i believe they said have a stiffer discipline. she was killed. the hang business of the crime. not calling authorities. not calling for help. that is no respect for life. no regard for life. >> give them time to think about what they have done so that they can learn from the experience. you cannot get away from crime. you cannot do things like that and just walk away. >> the boy's family members made no comment. the family members are relying on their faith. >> that was a human life. monet was tossed away like she
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was nothing. that is very hurtful. we are sorry for that. >> the half-brother of one of the boy has been charged with reckless endangerment. police say the gun was his. a mother is also being investigated. her dna was found on the girl's body. >> can you even imagine raw sewage is spewing up inside your home? tonight, city residents are dealing with the aftermath. it happened on the 3700 block of brooklyn avenue, in south baltimore. the stench was overwhelming. residents have started contacting their insurance companies. one read that we talked to said the trouble started as a water leak. >> at this morning, i go down there to take close out of the
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dryer and like something out of a horror flick, this black come up fecal garbage that is spewing out of the toilet. >> the break was in a municipal sewer line. crews will work throughout the night to repair it. >> after failing to balance the state budget during the original session, lawmakers finally came to an agreement on -- i in three days. >> we have not only been able to make the cuts, do the tough things on revenues to balance the budget, but we have been able to protect our priorities. >> the house put the seal of approval on the state budget package passed tuesday by the senate. the tax package raises the income tax rate on individuals making $100,000 a year or more and couples earning 150 dalen
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dollars or more. it also shares the cost of pensions to local and jurisdictions. today did not mark the end of the special session season. gov. martin o'malley said there would be a second one addressing expanded gaming in maryland on third day. >> there is a new spiritual leader in the baltimore area million -- william lowery was installed as the 16th archbishop of baltimore. he is from bridgeport, connecticut and succeeds cardinal william o'brien. >> faith is public. faith is meant to be spread far and wide and acted upon through church and -- through church institutions in the witness of the individual believers. >> his responsibility will be to oversee seven catholic schools. the ceremony help students learn more about the current leader. if you missed the event, you can
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watch mass on will you can watch the homily in its entirety. >> the team behind the baltimore grand prix is hoping to make the event bigger and better while avoiding the issues we saw last year. race on llc will sell tickets on may 28. it will promote and run this year's grand prix. president michael andretti is confident the race will become a world-class event and one of the top street races in the country. >> i would not be doing this if i was not confident. >> before teaming up with race on, the city through out two other contract. -- contracts.
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>> the starting post positions for the preakness were selected. earlier today, the thoroughbred found out where they will be planted on saturday. the early favorite in runner up in the kentucky derby and drew the seventh post. jerry sandusky will have a complete rundown coming up in sports. we will get you all ready for this weekend of the preakness race throughout the week and all day on saturday. we are your home for the 137th running of the preakness stakes. we will have live coverage the up the morning and afternoon and, of course, we will bring you the preakness live saturday afternoon. today, are rest have been made. we have been tracking that clinic for months, even going undercover to gain information. more straight ahead. >> showers in northwest on hd
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doppler. a cold front coming in. right now, we are on the warm side of it.
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>> the owner and operator of a baltimore county pain clinic are in jail. >> they are accused of running a pill nil. -- pill mill.
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here is debra wiener with the investigation. >> and they are coming from far and wide to the pain management clinic. ohio, kentucky, west virginia. attics and drove it through the night in hopes of getting the painkiller, oxycodone. >> it is highly addictive. it will definitely make you come after it. >> only one of them passed a drug test bid after a short medical exam, they got what they came for. two prescriptions. 15 milligrams and the coveted a stronger dose of 30 milligrams. >> and that is what it takes to get all the pain and eight out of your body. >> we set a producer to inquire
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about treatment at the clinic. >> they said they do not take health-insurance at this time they only take cash. >> how much? >> $310. >> with their permission, we followed them as they left the clinic. they were eager to get the prescription filled. >> how do you find out in west virginia at this is the place to come to? >> we just get on the internet and searched around. >> no pharmacy would fill the prescription for the pair from west virginia. for area pharmacies big and small said they will not fill anything from this clinic. the reason? too much oxycodone. two pharmacist reported this clinic to the federal drug
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enforcement agency. we asked a md. -- the maryland pharmacists association about protocol. >> you have to make sure if the prescription is legitimate and it is for a normal purpose. >> one prescription for the pair from west virginia appeared to be signed by an internal medicine physician. we tried to contact the clinic's operator and an attorney, but we could not get any comment. we have learned that the maryland state board of physicians has suspended the licenses of two doctors who work for a healthy life medical group. here we found the doctors prescribed high dosage of narcotics without verifying their patient's medical history
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and despite the obvious red flags. the cases of 23 individuals, all from other states, were cited. numerous complaints forced healthy life out of maryland, but then the operators, seen here, set up shop in the complaints began again. this letter concerns the department of mental hygiene's board of physicians began conducting a full investigation in january. it is unclear if the cases still active. some people who work nearby what the clinic closed. >> i a spoken to the county council, the department of mental hygiene, and also the physicians of licensing board. >> at the universal -- university of maryland pain clinic, board certified pain physicians to evaluate patients carefully. >> we use a multidisciplinary approach. >> has a description not been
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filled from this location? >> never. >> but bill attics seem determined to keep trying in maryland. it puts in all new spin on the summer road trip. >> have a great day and we will see you next time. the owner of the clinic have their first court appearance tomorrow. we will continue to follow this case. >> look who will be the new of face of the show your southside campaign. a very cute pitbulls. brilliant smiles on both of them. does live get any better? >> now, your first alert forcast with meterologist tom tasselmyer. >> cold front coming our way.
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unseasonably warm. today, and tatars back closer to normal. a cold front will move through. it has been active to our north. scattered showers across pennsylvania. severe storms in new england this afternoon. further south along this part of the front, much weaker activity. the front will work its way through the next couple of hours. we could see a shower and an isolated thunderstorm. so far, it looks like most areas will miss out on the beneficial rain associated with this front. warm and dry. 83 at the airport. 85 downtown. nothing in the rain gauges. 74 degrees is the normal. that is what we will go down toward the next couple of days. humidity will be low the next
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couple of nights. more comfortable, perhaps. at least more springlike. 82 for the grass pollen count. nine for the wheat pollen count. a total count of 96. 69 in parsons and edgewood. 69 at the coast in ocean city. temperatures overnight will cool once the front drive south of us. futurecast not indicating much of shower activity as it's lived through central maryland overnight. it should be clear by morning bradford, pennsylvania -- 42 degrees. expect it to be a little bit cooler. 53-60. winds at 5-10. a sign up at 5:51. mostly clear tomorrow. this cloudiness associated with a front stalled off the carolina coast.
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our front pushes south and keeps all that activity away from us. high pressure will establish itself over new england, bringing springlike weather. we see that as we roll through thursday into friday afternoon. continuing into preakness saturday, right up until around post time. essentially a dry weather pattern taking a step through the first half of the weekend. sunshine tomorrow. cooler, less humid. 72-77. winds gusting to 25 knots in the morning. sunshine in abundance in the mountains. tomorrow night, up 39, friday morning -- 60's. maybe upper 30's to start the day friday. on the eastern shore, not quite that chilly, but cooler and less humid with sunny skies. down at the coast, breezy behind the front.
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30 miles per hour tomorrow afternoon. mundle coming in off the ocean. seven day, looking good for the rest of the week. mostly sunny freak -- preakness saturday. post time temperatures in the upper 70's. more scattered thunderstorms early next week. >> of the trainer for i will have another has seen all of the spotlight this week. >> more millionaires, bigger jackpots, better odds. this is powerball. tonight, your jackpot is up to $90 million. you could be our next winter. get out your ticket and let's get ready to play some powerball. your first number tonight is 21,
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43, 28, 3, and 7. now let's check out your powerball. when you match this number, you are always a winner. tonight, that number is 2. once again, here are your winning powerball numbers for tonight.
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>> >> >> they have gone extra innings in cent -- kansas city. since 1950, the major league average for a team is 9% of extra inning games. they are going to try to win it. 2-2 in kansas city. pretty quiet night until the eighth. alex gordon doubles into right field. relay throw. it gets away. score. 3-1, kansas city.
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the orioles have that comeback ability this year. one out. straight away. gone. a 1-run game. j.j. hardy -- not a home-run this time. a single up the middle. this one as close. he is safe at the plate. ties it at 3-3. extra innings and again for the orioles. the worst that wins the preakness series always had an impact on will they were finished. we know exactly how they will start. pure luck, not strategy involved in this part of the race. you do not what your horse to far inside or outside. tiger what gets the top spot
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along the rail. creative cause got the sweet spot. the second place finisher in the kentucky derby will go off as the preakness favorite. the triple crown hopeful, i will have another, in the ninth post, which has only had three previous preakness winters. -- winners. >> what attitude is it is the worst bought to be in. like anything else, what else would you expect? we are not going home. we are going to give it a shot. tiger wall will be great. >> tiger walk is at 30-1 odds.
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bodie meister trainer has won this race five times. there is a potential dark cloud as he prepares to, "i will have another" for saturday. he remains under investigation for giving some of his sources improper drugs. he had the same candid approach we've seen from him since he arrived in baltimore. >> i have areas i can grow and do better, but we run a great operation and anyone who has come by and spent time with us knows we all love the horses and we do everything we can to keep them at the top of their game. >> all we need now is great
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>> seven day forecast looking good. sunny skies. 70 far highs. 40-50's far lows.
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>> announcer: it's "the tonight show with jay leno," featuring rickey minor and "the tonight show" band. tonight, jay welcomes -- from nbc's "community," joel mchale.


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